Beverhoutsberg Revisited

Valentine and I accompanied the photographer, Shaun O’Boyle, to Beverhoutsberg last Monday.

Shaun has a great collection of “off the beaten track” places – well worth a look. Check is photos out at off the beaten track” places at

The last time I visited Beverhautsberg was three years ago. To get there you can access the Battery Gut just south of the Gifft Hill lower school in the narrow gut formed by a culvert. This approximately 50-foot section had sections where overgrown catch and keep vines made it challenging to get through. If you intend do this hike, I recommend you bring clippers (which I forgot to bring) and spend a little time clearing the way.

St. John Off the Beaten Track App
St. John Off the Beaten Track App

Once down to the gut the going was easy enough. I recommend bringing a smart phone loaded with the St. John Off The Beaten Track App to help find where the trail leaves the gut on the west side that leads to the Beverhoutsberg ruins.

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