A Late Afternoon Rain Squall

Rainbow over Chocolate Hole
A late afternoon rain squall brings a double rainbow over Chocolate Hole

Hi Visitors,

This will be my first blog entry after taking a little low season break. Many restaurants have done the same, Caneel Bay Resort is closed and all over the island one hears this one or that one taking some time off to travel, take care of personal business or just plain cool out. The last few weeks the weather has been suburb. Clear blue skies, hardly any African dust, warm sunny days and perfect water temperature for swimming, at least for babies like me, that get cold easily.

Yesterday was one of those days, sunshine mixed with short scattered rainsqualls. A late afternoon squall even brought me a beautiful double rainbow, which I was able to photograph.

Most island residents are happy to see some rain. It keeps the hillsides green and cisterns full.

As they say here on St. John, “good t’ing!”

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3 thoughts on “A Late Afternoon Rain Squall”

  1. Great to have you back. I missed your messages and pictures. I’ll cherish the memory of our two-week stay in a villa on Contant Hill in late July and early August 2011.

  2. Good to hear from you again,Gerald! Hope you enjoyed your “down” time.
    Thanks for the cool pic. Don’t you just love it when Mother Nature rewards you with one of her natural wonders?
    Take care!

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