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Update on YURUMEIN campaign
Andrea E Leland

Dear Friends,
What an amazing week we have had! We have had 40+ supporters in just two weeks. A heartfelt thank you to those who have contributed.

Last week I was interviewed by Marta Nicolas on her WHPK radio program “Music from Around the World”. Marta highlighted the music soundtrack from the film with selections from Andy Palacio and Rhodee.  Amazing new world we live in:  Marta telephoned me in the Virgin Islands, the radio program originated in Chicago, my son recorded it in San Francisco while friends in St. Vincent listened in.  Click on this link to hear the entire interview WHPK on YouTube.

This past week I spoke with Daniel Kaufman from the Endangered Language Alliance.  His organization is supporting efforts to bring the Garifuna language back to St. Vincent in the Caribbean. The project’s name is YUGACURE.

We have also been in contact with a number of organizations that have included us in their social networking and on their websites including: Repeating Islands, Caribbean News Now, and Global Justice Ecology Project.  The word is getting out about the YURUMEIN film!

As for the film, I am moving ahead with the animation. Jon Eichner, a talented graphic artist here in the Virgin Islands, has come up with clear, concise animation to illustrate the history sections of the film. This is always a challenge: how to make history come alive without using “talking heads”.  Most of the graphics have been created and now we are working on the credits for the film.  We would love to include you in those credits, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to this project and see your name on the big movie screen!

We know that there are a huge number of folks who believe passionately in getting the stories of Indigenous peoples out. The Garifuna’s story is one that is little known and deserves a place in the annals of the African Diaspora.  We need your help to continue spreading the word about YURUMEIN. You can do it by sending through twitter, sharing this post and liking us on Facebook, or emailing your friends with this link: YURUMIEN

And again, I hope you’ll consider making a tax-deductible pledge through our fiscal sponsor Center for Independent Documentary to help us meet our goal. Just click on the RED button on this website to give your $SUPPORT.

We’ve included some wonderful rewards for your donation, including a link to the streaming version of the film for just $25. Rhodee’s CD for a $35 dontation….Every dollar helps and gets us a little closer to helping this small, independent film be seen by individuals, students, organizations and public television audiences.

If you know any journalists or bloggers who would be interested in writing about our campaign, that’s great too! Send us an email at yurumeinmovie@gmail.com. Pass this message along.

Warm Personal Regards,
Andrea Leland
Director & Producer of YURUMEIN

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