Lind Point Trail Update

Hurricanes Irma and Maria have changed the land and seascapes of St. John and therefore I will need to make the appropriate revisions to my books, St. John Off The Beaten Track and St. John Beach Guide.

I began that task yesterday by hiking the Lind Point Trail along with my good friend, Maybank. We soon discovered that thanks to the efforts of Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park volunteers, the trail looks great.

We took the upper trail route just in time to see the hardworking volunteers finishing the trail cleanup by hauling away debris. The Lind Point Overlook was cleared with and the beautiful view from there is as fine as it ever was.

Lind Point Trail St. John USVI
View of Cruz Bay from the Lind Point Trail Overlook

The overall conclusion from the hike is that, for the most part, the Lind Point Trail is now in every bit as good condition as it was before the hurricanes.

There are, however, some major changes. Salomon Bay, which was a popular destination for hikers using the trail, is no longer anywhere near as beautiful as it was before the hurricanes. Most of the sand has been washed away, possibly carried east to Honeymoon Bay and the iconic leaning palms are no more. There is, however, a small stretch of sand left where swimmers can enter the water comfortably and Salomon still offers a place to get away from the crowd if you like.

Also, the Caneel Bay resort has been devastated and for the present time, the trail, may not be accessed from that side and the Caneel Bay beaches can only be accessed by sea.

On the positive side, though, the facilities at Honeymoon Beach survived unscathed and the operation run by Virgin Island Ecotours is up and running and promising to be better than ever.

I really believe that this is one of the best things to do on St. John. There’s really no place like it on St. John. You’re on a beautiful north shore beach and can enjoy all the activities offered there.

Honeymoon Beach St. John Virgin Islands
Honeymoon Beach

Although driving out to the Caneel Bay Resort and taking the dirt track to the beach is no longer an option, there are other (very enjoyable) ways get to Honeymoon Beach

There’s now a free boat ride to the beach from the National Park dock to the beach. If you don’t see the boat there, call (340) 779-2155 for a pickup. The boat ride is offered between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Secondly, you can do as Maybank and I did; take the Lind Point Trail from Cruz Bay or drive up the hill and park by the Virgin Islands National Park sign and take the Caneel Hill Spur Trail downhill meet the Lind Point Trail and continue down to Honeymoon Beach.

Thirdly, if arriving by boat, pick up a mooring and swim, snorkel or dinghy to the beach. There is a special dinghy mooring line close to the beach, which you can use. Anchoring is forbidden.

Once on the beach you’ll be able to rent beach chairs, lockers, snorkel gear, floats, kayaks and paddle boards. Use of the hammocks and dining tables are complimentary. Bathrooms, showers and changing rooms are also available.

Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are for sale. You can bring your own beer and put it in the refrigerator. Soon come, beer, cocktails and barbeque.

So, don’t be afraid. The Lind Point Trail and its convenient access to the beach is up and running. Enjoy!

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