Family Hospitalized by Suspected Pesticide Poisoning

Don’t drink the water… seriously?
After a Delaware family of four was hospitalized by suspected pesticide poisoning at their Sirenusa condo, visitors in a neighboring condo were advised by the villa management company “not to drink the water.”

Cris Barrish, The News Journal
A top Tatnall School administrator and his family suffered serious pesticide “poisoning” in their luxury condo while vacationing in the U.S. Virgin Islands last week, according to federal environmental officials and a Wilmington attorney who spent time with them on St. John.

Steve Esmond, the head of Tatnall’s Middle School, his wife, Dr. Theresa Devine, and their two teenage sons “were seriously exposed to a highly toxic chemical at their rental condominium,” said James J. Maron, the lawyer from Wilmington who is acting as the family’s spokesman.

The family, which lives in Wilmington, is in the process of being airlifted back to the United States and all except Devine are in critical condition, Maron said.

The suspected source of the poisoning is methyl bromide, which might have been used to fumigate a room at the Sirenusa resort where the family was staying, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said in a news release late Monday afternoon.

Methyl bromide is restricted in the United States due to its “acute toxicity,” the EPA release said. “Only certified applicators are allowed to use it in certain agricultural settings and is not authorized for use in dwellings. Health effects of acute exposure to methyl bromide are serious and include central nervous system and respiratory system damage.”…

…The family was staying at Sirenusa complex in the Capri villa, a $800-a-night hilltop condo in an enclave overlooking Cruz Bay…

…Maron said the chemicals the family was exposed to “bio-accumulated and metabolized until it became an acute poisoning.”

Over the weekend, he said, the family “began having seizures in the middle of the night and their lungs stopped working. All had to be intubated.”… read entire article

Don’t drink the water
Visitors staying at the same resort at the time reported meeting the family and later seeing them taken away in an ambulance. They were subsequently sent an email by their villa management company advising them not to drink the water at the condo.

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Pineapple Propagation

PineappleThere are three different ways I know to grow pineapples:

You can cut off the crown on the top of the fruit. (See above photo) Its easy and available, but the bad part is that it could take two years before it flowers and another six months before the fruit is ready to eat.

You can also use the shoots that grow off of the sides of the fruit, if you happen to find them, which will be more likely if you buy locally grown pineapples as opposed to the commercially grown ones. Planting these slips will cut down your waiting time.

sucker-9The quickest way to get fruit is to use the shoots that come of the main stem. You’ll need to have your own garden to get these slips that are also known as suckers. You can then either cut them off and replant them or leave them on the original plant and let them grow.

Pineapple Seeds
Photo by

Apparently pineapples can also be grown by seeds, which are sometimes found inside the fruit. Personally, I don’t remember ever coming across them as they are not often found in commercially grown pineapples.


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