Seiban Ruins Trail Change

St John Off The Beaten Track App Seiban MapThere has been a change to the access of the Seiban ruins along the L’Esperance Trail. A new maintained spur trail leading to the Great Sieban Road now bypasses the Seiban ruins and the baobab tree.

The old trail that leads to the Seiban ruins, the  baobab tree and the Great Seiban Road still exists, but as it is poorly maintained may easily be bypassed.

St. John Trails: L'Esperance and SeibanThe  obscure green trail leads to the ruins.
The  more evident red trail bypasses the ruins.

If you want to visit the Seiban ruins and are hiking down the L’Esperance Trail from Centerline Road, the somewhat hidden trail lies about 100 feet before you get to the maintained spur. (If you come to that trail, you’ve walked too far.)

Both trails are marked on the  Trail Bandit (the actual Trail Bandit Map, not the one sold at the Visitors Center, which is incomplete) and on the St. John Off The Beaten Track App. The trail to the ruins is marked with a “K” and if you are using a GPS, the coordinates are N 18o 19’ 52.10” and W 64o 45’ 37.33”

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