St. John Fauna: Cuban Tree Frog

Cuban Tree Frog
Cuban tree frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis)

I found this Cuban tree frog in my outdoor shower. As it’s a creature that makes a loud, shrill, objectionable and annoying noise, I decided to move it to another location. I guess I could have killed it, especially since its an environmental nuisance that kills off our sweet little native frogs who sing melodious songs, nut I don’t like to kill things. Instead I brought it to another location.

I decided to photograph it beig that it was staying very still after I released it. I wanted a closeup shot, so I got down on my knees and photographed away. When froggie had enough of this he jumped up and stuck to my pants with its gooey, sticky, toxic mucus. Yuck!

Enchanted Frog
Kiss me!

I’ve heard stories that many handsome princes have been turned into frogs by evil witches. All a pretty young lady has to do to reverse the spell, which will turn the frog back into a handsome prince, resulting in the subsequent marriage of said young lady to the handsome prince, would be for the lady to kiss the frog. Any attractive young ladies out there that want to kiss this guy?

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Yesterday’s Rainbows

Cruz Bay Rainbow
Cruz Bay

Trunk Bay Rainbow
Trunk Bay

Caneel Bay Rainbow
Caneel Bay

Yesterday morning was a great morning for rainbows on St. John and I was lucky enough to be in the right places at the right times to get some photos.

St. John News

Insurance exec found dead in St. John Virgin Islands home

US Virgin Islands elects new governor in runoff

St. John Events

PrintThe 19th Annual 8 Tuff Miles Road Race and the St John Cancer Fund have joined forces to present the 8 Tuff Miles Festival.

The festival will begin on Sat February 21 at 4 pm with “Light  up the Night” an 18 hour, family oriented, community supported overnight event. Light Up the Night offers the best musicians in the VI, activies and entertainment for the whole family.  Light Up the Night provides an opportunity for our community and our visitors to support St Johnians and their families who have been touched by cancer.

February 27 from 5-9 pm a pasta buffet will be held at Cruz Bay Landing $25
February 28 7:15 AM the 19th Annual 8 Tuff Miles Road Race
4 pm – Awards Ceremony at Mongoose Junction
March 1-  11 AM-4PM- 3rd Annual 8 Tuff Miles Recovery Beach Party- Oppenheimer Beach

St. John Weather

Buffalo NY

She said I can’t go back to America soon
So goddamn cold it’s gonna snow until June
Yeah, they’re freezin’ up in Buffalo stuck in their cars
And I’m lyin’ here ‘neath the sun and the stars (Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, British Virgin islands)

Mañana – Jimmy Buffett -1978

St. John
Rain showers this morning with mostly sunny conditions during the afternoon hours. High 84F. Winds E at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 70%.


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Peter Bay Then and Now

Peter Bay St. John USVI
Peter Bay 1978

Peter Bay St. John US Virgin Islands
Peter Bay Recent photo

The above photo shows Peter Bay in 1978. At that time the property was owned by the Hall family and there was a small house on the land. The Halls were one of the few families to refuse to sell their land to the agents of the National Park and as a result their relationship with the park was contentious. Mrs. Hall’s son, Victor, kept a few sunfish on the beach there with one sometimes anchored in the bay. Confronted by the National Park as to the legality of keeping his sailboats there, Victor was told that he must remove the boats from the beach and bay. Victor fought back, to the extent of getting Good Morning America to do a piece on his plight. Nonetheless, when the Halls made the decision to sell the land, they first offered to the Virgin Islands National Park. The Park refused the offer citing budgetary concerns of the Reagan years, and only then the land was then offered to developers at a considerably higher price. Today there are many homes on Peter Bay, which is probably the most expensive and most exclusive development on St. John.

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St. John Virgin Islands Trails: Falls at the Petroglyph Pool

Petroglyph Waterfalls
View from the top of the waterfall

The waterfalls at the Petroglyphs, fed by the Living Gut, were flowing vigorously after the heavy rains of last weekend. The rains were heavy enough to bring about the dramatic waterfalls, but not so intense as to flood at the guts along the trail making it necessary to wafe through water -flooded sections of the trail in order to reach the Petroglyphs.

petroglyph falls
Waterfall above the Petroglyph Pool

St. John Trails: Petroglyphs
“The Ghost” Climbs the second set of falls above the one at the Petroglyph Pools

St. John Waterfalls
Hikers on top of the falls

Petroglyph Waterfalls Video

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St. John Weather: “Areal” Rainy Weekend

Cinnamon Bay Waterfall
Heavy rainfall created a waterfall at Cinnamon Bay

Areal Flood Advisory, Flash Flood Watch

We’re still under a “Flash Flood Watch and Areal Flood Advisory” according to the statement issued by NOAA as of 3:40 AM AST on November 08, 2014.

But wait a minute, there’s a term I never heard before, “Areal Flood Advisory.” Does that distinguish this advisory from a fake one? Is it a typo?

No, neither, the word, areal, does mean something that relates to floods, which I found out thanks to Google Search

“The National Weather Service adopted the new term several years ago which generally means the same as the more commonly used “Flood Watch” designation. Basically an Areal Flood Watch means there is potential for flooding over a large area. The word “areal” is the adjective version of the noun “area.”

 “There’s no word on why the National Weather Service changed the name of the watch.

 “The word “areal” refers to an area, which is an expanse of space or a region of land. Not to be confused with “aerial” which means of or relating to the air.”
From CBS Local

(The Flash Flood Watch remains in effect through Sunday afternoon and continues for all Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.)

Waterfall at Cinnamon Bay

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