turtle and remoras
Hawksbill turtle and remoras at Honeymoon Bay

Remoras and Sea Turtles
Some cultures use remoras to catch turtles. A cord or rope is fastened to the remora’s tail, and when a turtle is sighted, the fish is released from the boat; it usually heads directly for the turtle and fastens itself to the turtle’s shell, and then both remora and turtle are hauled in. Smaller turtles can be pulled completely into the boat by this method, while larger ones are hauled within harpooning range. This practice has been reported throughout the Indian Ocean, especially from eastern Africa near Zanzibar and Mozambique, and from northern Australia near Cape York and Torres Strait.

Similar reports come from Japan and from the Americas. Some of the first records of the “fishing fish” in the Western literature come from the accounts of the second voyage of Christopher Columbus. However, Leo Wiener considers the Columbus accounts to be apocryphal: what was taken for accounts of the Americas may have been, in fact, notes Columbus derived from accounts of the East Indies, his desired destination…. read more about remoras


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Night Blooming Cerius

pitaya flower
Night Blooming Cerius ready to flower

It’s that time of the year again. My battle with the Thrushies (and other harversters) over who will get the ripe fruit of the night blooming cerius begins. It will take daily visits to the area and see who will be the “early bird.” Read more about the night blooming cerius.

St. John Film Society Press Release

Presented by St. John Film Society
Directed by Kevin Macdonald, 144 minutes, Documentary, 2012
Wednesday, July 17/ 7:30 pm
Cases by the Sea, Coral Bay

St. John Film Society Presents: Marley A feature-length documentary about the life, music, and legacy of Bob Marley, this exhaustive, even-handed portrait of reggae’s greatest star offers electrifying concert footage and fascinating insights. Made with the support of the Marley family, this definitive life story of musician, revolutionary, and legend — from early days to international super-stardom– features rare footage, incredible performances, and revelatory interviews with the people that knew him best.

Whether you are a reggae aficionado who has already seen and heard everything there is about Marley or whether you know nothing about the musical genre of reggae but would like an introduction, you won’t be disappointed by the latest documentary – it even touches on the unique and unparalleled social and political impact Marley had, and continues to have today!

For more about MARLEY the movie, click here.


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