Virgin Islands History: Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church St. Thomas 1941
After a morning church service on Christmas Day – Jack Delano, photographer – 1941 Dec.

Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church on St. Thomas is the second oldest Lutheran Church in the western hemisphere. As the official church of Denmark, Lutheran ministers arrived with the first settlers and the first services were held in the courtyard of the fort.

In 1754, a church was built outside the fort and began ministering to blacks for the first time. Lutheran Ministers translated the Bible to Creole, and the same minister held services for two separate congregations, one Danish and the other Negro Creole.

The church was destroyed by a hurricane in 1772 and was replaced in 1789 by the Frederik Lutheran Church. The construction was financed by a free black parishioner, Jean Reeneaus.

The original Georgian-style building was reconstructed in 1827 after being destroyed by fire and then again in 1870, after damage suffered in a hurricane.

From “St. Thomas” by Gerald Singer

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