Cinnamon Bay Self-Guiding Trail

Cinnamon Bay Self guiding Trail St. John Virgin islands
NPS Informational Sign alongside Handicap Access Boardwalk

If you only have enough time on St. John to hike one trail, then the Cinnamon Bay Self-Guiding Trail is the trail for you. Also, because the trail is relatively short, flat and shady, it’s a perfect choice for those who would like to experience a taste of the St. John interior, but who might be put off by the prospect of a long hike on the often hilly and rugged terrain characteristic of the St. John forest. As an added bonus, the Virgin Islands National Park has placed a series of wonderfully informative signs along the trail covering everything from history and culture to nature and environmental concerns. Read more

I’ve posted an album of photos taken on my latest hike of the trail. View Cinnamon Bay Self Guiding Trail Photos

St. John Weather

I’ve been noticing a disparity between the NOAA and Weather Underground sites with NOAA being consistently “glass half full” and Weather Underground “glass half empty”. Personally I prefer the NOAA take, which means it’s time to change the weather link on my main website

According to NOAA: Mostly Sunny
According to Weather Underground: Mostly Cloudy


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