St. John News: CBP intercepts vessel with over 300 kilos of cocaine

BYM Marine and Maritime News Virgin Islands 11/17/2011

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted a vessel carrying 10 bales of cocaine, weighing 709.4 pounds, near French Cap Cay this weekend.

Just past midnight Friday, a CBP maritime surveillance aircraft on patrol detected a “yola” type vessel with two outboard engines, center console, and three people on board, traveling on a northwest course without navigation lights.

The vessel was kept under constant surveillance by the CBP aircraft, observing that the vessel stopped in French Cap Cay, where two of the three individuals on board jumped in the water and swam toward the island.

They appeared to be carrying packages to shore. After they finished stashing the packages, they left the island and headed east towards the southern end of St. John …

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