St. John Film Press Release: What’s Organic About Organic

Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 7:30 PM, St. John School of the Arts, Cruz Bay, St. John USVI
St. John Film is proud to present our next ‘On Screen/In Person’ screening of a thought provoking 59-minute documentary directed by Shelley Rogers with co-producer Marty Mesh.

What’s Organic About ‘Organic’ illustrates that ‘organic food’ extends well beyond personal choice and into the realm of social responsibility.  It delves into the debates that arose when the grassroots agricultural movement: organic farming, evolved into a booming international market, and reveals what’s at stake in creating and maintaining meaningful standards for organic production.

Each of the film’s characters is intimately connected to the organic world; they’re farmers, activists, and scientists. While many folks can easily endorse ‘organic’, the film takes the discussion beyond just shopping for another eco-label. As we glimpse into the lives of the film characters, we see how organic agriculture has the potential to solve many of our environmental and health problems. The film explores how organic farming can be used as a soil and air protection system, a healthy solution to toxic pollution, and an innovative means to combat global warming.

As the film moves from farm fields to government meetings and industry trade shows, we see how our health, the health of our planet, and the agricultural needs of our society are all intimately connected.  The film is a call to action, compelling us to look forward, towards a new vision for our culture and encourages us to ask, “How can we eat with an ecological consciousness?”

The post film discussion promises to be equally engaging with both the director Shelley Rogers and co-producer Marty Mesh present to provide personal insights into the filming process and to answer questions on the organic food movement.  In addition, Josephine and Hugo Roller from Josephine’s Organic Greens will be on hand to lend a local perspective on organic farming.

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