Trunk Bay Morning Swim

trunk Bay, St. John USVI
Trunk Bay, St. John US Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay RainbowTo me, Trunk Bay is most beautiful early in the morning, when it’s only you, the birds and the fish. This morning was particularly beautiful. I arrived at 6:30 am, No fee, no showing an ID card to the rangers at the booth, no one on the beach. Just as I jumped in the sea, which, by the way, is just the right temperature for me, meaning no cold shock to the system, it started to rain. Being that I was already in the water, getting wet wasn’t a problem. The heavy rain drops fell to the surface creating silvery slashes and the cool fresh water felt good as it hit my head and my back.

The rain lasted about ten minutes and was followed by a beautiful rainbow. Luckily, I had a camera in my bag, so I was able to get a photo.

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