Cool Weather on St. John and Back to Work

Like many of my fellow St. Johnians I took a break from just about all my normal activities and left the island to spend time with family and friends in the cold northeast. I hope to get back in the blogging groove again starting today (along with several other well meaning New years resolutions.

After more than three weeks in New York and New England, I certainly was ready to get that chill out of my bones and warm up in some nice Caribbean sunshine. But I didn’t count on how much I’ve become accustomed to living on St. John and when I stepped off the American Airlines jet at the Cyril King Airport on St. Thomas I was greeted with what I perceived to be a rather chilly breeze.

It’s cold Brrrr
For example, today’s forecast is for a brisk high of only 85 degrees on the coast, down to a downright bone chilling 79 degrees in the mountains. Tradewinds blowing 15 to 20 mph might even resulting in a “wind chill factor.”

Could Be Worse
The record low for cold weather on St. John was 55 degrees in March of  1991. On St. Thomas the record low came in November 1999 and was a scant 52 degrees. St. Croix’s low was 57 degrees on April 1997.

The Good Part
What a perfect day for a nice long hike in the National Park I’ll post photos…

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