Christmas Winds

St. John US Virgin Islands Weather
The Sheep are in the Meadow

Around this time of year the jet stream dips down farther to the south, resulting in the strong trade winds that are currently passing over St. John. The seas are rough, but the breezes are refeshing.

I just came back from St. Thomas on my trusty Carib 15 and the waves were high and steep, the wind was whistling and white caps were everywhere. As the old salts would say to describe the situation, “the sheep are in the meadow.

Westin Resort Update
Repairs from Otto’s flooding are coming along nicely at the Westin on St. John. The pool is filled, cleaned and resurfaced, the Beach Café is open again, the tennis courts are about half completed with brand new surfaces, the Kids Club and game room have been combined into one room while the Kids Club room is being repaired, but for now there are two operational video games in one half of the room and some facilities for the kids in the other half.

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