St. John History: Cruz Bay Riot 1972

I was surfing the net, as they say, this morning and came across an article that jogged my memory of an event that occurred in Cruz Bay in 1972, a riot during carnival. Being that I rarely go out at night and that night was no exception, I didn’t find out about the disturbance until the next morning. Just as well.

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The 1972 St. John riot occurred in Cruz Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands, at the close of the St. John Fourth of July celebrationson Tuesday night, July 4, 1972, and Wednesday morning, July 5, 1972.  It was led by a gang of around 50 youth.  One person was stabbed and a couple was injured.  Several of the booths were robbed of liquor.
The St. John police was unable to control the crowds and police officers were dispatched from St. Thomas to assist the St. John police.  Due to the rioting, a crowd of about 300 people gathered at the Cruz Bay dock, trying to board the ferries back to St. Thomas.  It was total pandemonium….
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St. John Snorkeling: Waterlemon Cay

Waterlemon Cay, St. John Virgin Islands
Waterlemon Cay Snorkel

I’ve often heard that the Waterlemon Cay snorkel is the best on St. John. Maybe so, but it certainly is a popular one. Here are some photos from a recent snorkeling adventure.

(And by the way it’s WaterLEMON Cay, not WaterMELON Cay)

Brain Coral Waterlemon Cay
Brain Coral


peacock flounder
Peacock Flounder: Master of Camouflage


More about Waterlemon Cay and Leinster Bay

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St. John Gourmet Market Downgrades their Local Discount

It was good while it lasted but the St. John Gourmet Market has changed their discount policy for locals. No more 10% discount for purchases greater than $20.00 and 20% discount for purchases greater than $50.00

You must now buy more than $75.00 worth of stuff to get the 10% discount and $150.00 or more to qualify for a 20% discount.

I’ve been shopping there just about exclusively taking advantage of the the good local’s discount, but it’s probably time to check out Starfish Market to see how their prices compare.

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Hurricane Earl

Hurricane Earl Chocolate Hole St. John

Chocolate Hole, Monday Afternoon, 8/30/2010 – Hurricane Earl

For us on St. John and in the Virgin Islands Hurricane Earl has come and gone. He was stronger and came earlier than expected. Although not predicted to effect us until late Monday afternoon, conditions deteriorated on Sunday night.

On St. John, boats at anchor suffered the worst of the storm. All the boats in Chocolate Hole were swept from their moorings, save one that later sunk. Several boats were also lost in Great Cruz Bay and Cruz Bay.

Chocolate Hole

Westin Beach, Great Cruz Bay

Floating Dock from Great Cruz Bay Dinghy Landing

Chocolate Hole Beach

Trees were down all over the island and current was out, internet down and cell phones spotty.

Caneel Bay suffered some structural damage and the awning over the dock at the Westin was blown down.

On the BVI matters were worse. On Jost Van Dyke, Sidneys at Little Harbour was pretty much destroyed. Abe’s, also at Little Harbour lost much of their dock. In Great Harbour, Rudy lost his dock. Word from Tortola was bad reporting the loss of many boats. Anegada was the worst hit with widespread damage and flooding.

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