America Hill Spur Trail: St. John Virgin Islands

As I’m now in the process of updating my best selling book, St. John Off the Beaten Track, I am revisiting the trails of St. John looking for any changes.

Reading Debbie Hime’s account of the America Hill Spur Trail in the St. John Sun Times, I find that the trail is no longer the struggle it used to be.

The main Cinnamon Bay Trail is pretty much unchanged since my last printing, except that the trees at the top of the trail have grown taller and the overlook near the Centerline trailhead is now obscured.

The America Hill Spur, which leads to the America Hill Estate House, on the other hand, has been significantly improved, thanks to the efforts of Friends of the Park trail volunteers. The scratchy sweet lime that lined the narrow path is no more and the bush at the top of the hill has been removed so that once again there is a spectacular view.

America Hill Estate House

View from the Sea

Old Photo by Dean Hulse

Ruins in Unstable Condition

South Corner

View to the West

Old Photo by Dean Hulse

Bake Oven

Sugar Boiling Pot

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