St. John Virgin Islands

Doing their Job
I forgot to dump the garbage again and being lazy, I figured I’d get to it later on. Being that it was stinky garbage, I left the back door of our Honda CRV open.

Time passed. Day became night. We turned off the lights and put on a movie.

Half way into the movie the driveway lights up with the well-known flashing blue light.

“What’s that?” says Habiba.

“The police,” I answer.

It turns out that the officers patrolling the neighborhood saw the open car door and no lights on in the house and came to investigate. When I came outside to see what was up, the officers explained. They were polite and friendly and I was happy to know that they were there and doing their job, especially now when there has been so much criticism of the police department, some deserved some not.

The important part of this story is that the police were out there patrolling the neighborhood, that they were paying attention and doing their job and that  they were polite and professional.

Corrections and False Rumors
When I first came to St. John, back in 1969, there was a crowd, a bit older than myself and my friends, who gathered at Gallows Point to drink and socialize and drink. One of the attractions at Gallows was a blackboard which contained “The Rumor of the Day.” The rumors were generally spicy, but often not completely true.

It appears that I might be following in the old Gallows Point tradition on my blog having offered up two rumors, one of which turning out to be completely false and the other unsubstantiated and probably untrue.

The first, Barack Obama did not spend his Easter vacation on St. Thomas. The second was that I said that when (if?) the Gym in Paradise reopens that they would honor the memberships purchased from Mark Dallas, the previous owner, who went out of business shortly after collecting money for attractive membership “specials,” money that was not refunded. Apparently the old lease holders, who intend to reopen the gym have made no such claim.

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