Bordeaux Mountain Trail

bordeaux mt trail map

The Bordeaux Mountain Trail runs between Lameshur Bay and the Bordeaux Mountain Road. Centerline Road is 1.7 miles from the point where the trail meets the Bordeaux Mountain Road. The Bordeaux Mountain Trail is 1.2 miles long, and there is a change in elevation of about 1,000 feet, making the trail quite steep. It can be strenuous … Read more

Maria Hope Trail

maria hope trialhead

In the last few years, the Maria Hope Trail has become a popular hiking venue. Passing through shady, lush tropical forest, this old Danish Road provides Cinnamon Bay campers with convenient access to the Reef Bay Trail. There are historically significant ruins and a scenic overlook with bird’s eye views of Maho and Francis Bays … Read more

Great Seiban Trail

seiban trail view

The Great Seiban provides a shorter route than taking the L’Esperance Road for those hikers wishing to visit the Seiban Estate or the Baobob Tree. There are impressive views of Fish Bay and the Fish Bay Valley along the trail. How To Get There: Heading east on Fish Bay Road, take the first left after … Read more

Cinnamon Bay Trail & Looping Trail

cinnamon bay trail

There are two common cinnamon bay trails, the normal one, simply referred to as the “Cinnamon Bay Trail” and the looping trail. We included a map of each down below to avoid any confusion. First well, cover the looping trail. If you only have enough time on St. John to hike one trail, then the … Read more

Lind Point Trail

lind point trail

I took a look at my book inventory and, lo and behold, it’s time for a reprinting of our most popular book, “St. John Off the Beaten Track.” It’s in pretty good shape now, and not a whole lot has changed in the last few years on the beaches and trails, but nonetheless, there’s always … Read more

St. John Virgin Islands Trails

st john trails

St.John, U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) St. John Beach Guide Trail Bandit Map Saint John Virgin Islands Trails Trail Bandit Guide to the Hiking Trails of St. John VI St. John in the US Virgin Islands will delight both the serious hiker and the casual stroller. The Virgin Islands National Park maintains several exciting trails including the famous … Read more