Hart Bay

Hart Bay

The beach at Hart Bay consists of a long strand of sand and coral rubble fringed by sea grape, beach Maho, and mangrove trees. There is often breaking surf and strong breezes. The water near shore is shallow, with grass and algae growing over the sand. Hart Bay Beach is a great picnic beach. It’s … Read more

Kiddel Bay

kiddle bay

Looking for a real “Off the Beaten Track” beach and great snorkeling? Frustrated when trying to find parking at a North Shore National Park beach? Are the waves breaking in the north, making for difficult swimming or snorkeling? If you don’t mind sacrificing a sand beach for a cobblestone and coral rubble beach, an ideal … Read more

Brown Bay

brown bay

Brown Bay’s white sand beach is almost certain to be deserted as there is no vehicle access, and the trail entrance is far from the more populated areas of the island. Brown Bay is a poor anchorage for vessels coming by sea, so it’s uncommon to see yachts at anchor here. When you are out … Read more

Little Hawksnest Beach

little hawksnest

Just to the west of the popular Hawksnest Beach lies a much smaller and far less visited stretch of soft coral sand known as Little Hawksnest. I revisited this little beach yesterday and realized that it had been some time since I had been there. The tide was high, and the surf was up as … Read more

Grootpan Bay


Grootpan Bay, like its neighbor Kiddel Bay, is a cobble beach that offers seclusion and calm water on winter days when the ground sea makes north shore beaches uncomfortable. Beachcombers can search through bright white pieces of coral, which can be used as soap dishes and paperweights. The salt pond behind the beach at Grootpan … Read more

Salomon Bay Beach Guide

Salomon Bay, St. John Virgin Island

Although Salomon is every bit as beautiful as any of St. John’s incomparable north shore beaches, this unconventional access keeps the number of visitors down and insures a more intimate beach experience. Additionally, if you’ve come by ferry from St. Thomas for the day or are staying in Cruz Bay, you won’t need to rent … Read more

Honeymoon Beach Guide (St. John)

Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon and Salomon Beaches exist within the same bay in the Virgin Islands National Park and are separated only by a small rocky point of land. They both contain the magnificent qualities common to all the beaches of St. John’s north shore. However, they differ from the other beaches primarily in how you get there. … Read more

Cinnamon Bay

cinnamon bay beach

Cinnamon Bay is the place to go on St. John for beach activities and water sports. Besides regular swimming, snorkeling, and picnicking, Cinnamon Bay Beach offers windsurfing, kayaking, volleyball, and camping. It’s pretty close to other beaches in St John, like Maho Beach and Trunk Bay beach, so you can visit both on your itinerary. … Read more

Salt Pond Bay

salt pond bay

Salt Pond Bay is a conveniently-located white sand beach in the Virgin Islands National Park for those residing in or visiting Coral Bay. It’s also an excellent alternative for those seeking calm water on days when the surf is breaking in the north St John beaches. To reach Salt Pond Bay Beach, take Route 107, … Read more

Whistling Cay (USVI) Snorkeling

whistling cay

The Whistling Cay Snorkel, especially around the rocks and underwater canyons on the western tip of the island, is one of the best snorkels in St. John waters. The proximity to open waters and the flow of water through the Fungi Passage and the Narrows attracts fish of many shapes, colors, and sizes. The underwater … Read more