15 Best Things To Do In St. John, USVI

things to do st john

The island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands is home to some of the most pristine white sand beaches, see-through turquoise waters, and stunning Caribbean beauty. It’s a great tropical destination, and you’ll find no shortage of activities to enjoy on your vacation. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed excursion, relaxing by the … Read more

Must See Waterfalls In St. John (+ How To Get There)


White sand beaches and crystal clear water isn’t the only thing that St. John has to offer. This beautiful US Virgin Island also has some more notable attractions, like scenic waterfalls. Want to see waterfalls in St John like the one in the picture below? Here is a guide on how to get to them … Read more

Fly Fishing on St John and St Thomas


There are lots of cool fishing opportunities on St. John and St Thomas, ranging from sport fishing for the big ones like Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna to inshore trolling, hand line from the rocks, and fly fishing from the shoreline or shallows. You also have the challenging sport of landing the easily-spooked and … Read more

Coral Reef Underwater Park Snorkeling Trail In Trunk Bay

Underwater Trail Trunk Bay

This underwater snorkeling trail is one of the most unique attractions in St John, USVI. It’s 650 feet in length, offers quite the sights, and you don’t need to swim out too far out in Trunk Bay Beach to reach it. There are plaques in the water that direct you where to go and include … Read more

St John Mangroves

st john mangrooves

The term mangrove loosely describes those tropical trees or shrubs that are specially adapted to grow in salty, wet, and muddy environments. This includes the shallow waters of calm bays, and the periphery of salt ponds, marshes, and wetlands that are exposed to flooding and saltwater intrusion. These are three of the types of mangroves … Read more

Frangipani Caterpillars, Aposematism, and Mangrove Cuckoos


I have this native frangipani tree growing right below my deck. The tree has been there quite some time, evidenced by a rusted piece of wire fencing that had grown into the trunk and now sticks out on both sides of the tree, indicating that this was a mature tree when Chocolate Hole was still … Read more

West Indian Locust Stinking Toe Tree

west indian locust stinking toe tree

The West Indian locust can be found throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. On St. John, it thrives in moist forest regions such as Reef Bay and Bordeaux Mountain. Hikers on the Reef Bay Trail can pass by an excellent specimen of West Indian locust, which is identified by a National Park … Read more

St John Reef Bay & Congo Cay Petroglyphs

congo cay petroglyphs

Petroglyphs are one of the more intresting attractions you can find in St John. They date all the way back to when the first people arrived to the islands. Reef Bay and Congo Cay are two places in the U.S Virgin Islands where you can see these ancient pieces of art. Reef Bay Petroglyphs Despite … Read more

Great Thatch Island & Ruins

great thatch island

Great Thatch Island lies just to the north of St. John.  The approximately half-mile passage between Great Thatch and the St. John coast from the rocky cliffs of Mary Point and the steep tyre palm-covered hillsides between there and Leinster Bay form “the Narrows,” characterized by gusty winds and strong tidal currents. I’ve snorkeled there … Read more

Pillsbury Sound


Returning back to St. John from St. Thomas yesterday afternoon, we crossed the Pillsbury Sound. With my eyes fixed on St. John, I chanced to turn around just in time to see the sunset over St. Thomas. I stopped the boat and took some photos with my iPhone, and then shut down the engine contemplating … Read more