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St. John US Virgin Islands: Reflections on a Spring Morning

Spring is here. My mango tree is in flower as is the lime tree. The mampoo is dropping it’s sticky seeds that find there way all over my shoes, my socks, my pants and all over the house.

The tourist season is winding down, but my unofficial take on last season is that it was stronger economically that the year before.

I say this through anecdotal conversations with business people on the island and increased sales of my St. John related books, St. John Off The Beaten Track, St. John Beach Guide and Tales of St. John and the Caribbean, which I’m feel is a good indicator.

The gauge of St. John economic strength that I favor most are my book sales to the Westin timeshare people. It seems that every time they sell a timeshare, they give away a package of stuff as a present to the buyer, one item of which is a St. John Beach Guide, and sales to the Westin are way up. When I go there to deliver books the desks are full of salespeople and potential buyers. You can feel the excitement in the air. When I ask anyone how it’s going, they smile and say, “good.”

Let’s face it. St. John is a special place. There’s nothing quite like it in the Caribbean, so we ought to be doing well. Let’s hope I’m right.

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