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Getting to St. John in Style: Slimo’s Limo

Coming to St. John – The Taxi Ride from the Airport on St. Thomas

It’s a beautiful thing to arrive on St. John.

If you came by air, than it was probably a long trip: getting to the airport two hours before flight-time, going through security, shoes off, liquids in one-quart plastic bags, laptops removed, waiting for the plane, boarding, getting seated and most likely a long flight with a stopover somewhere or other.

You arrive at the Cyril E. King Airport on St. Thomas. St. John is not far away. You’re ready to get down; get to your home, your villa, hotel – maybe get to the beach.

But, there’s one more leg to this journey and it’s usually not so pleasant  – getting from the airport to St. John.

You get your luggage, if you have more than carry on, and walk out to the street.

“Need a taxi?”

“Where you going?”

“Red Hook? Catching the ferry to St. John?

“Stand over here, wait.”

And you wait –  for a while on the sidewalk as other eastbound passengers line up –  load up your luggage, board the taxi, then wait some more people to arrive, until the van is stuffed to capacity with human beings and suitcases. Then finally, you’re on your way, all too often (but admittedly not always) in the control of a surly driver who seems to not like his job very much.

You want to get to Red Hook in time to board the next ferry that leaves on the hour. There’s a bit of traffic, it looks like you’ll make it, but just barely.

But no meh son, taxi gonna stop at this or that hotel to disgorge one or two passengers while you nervously look at the time. It’s almost guaranteed, you’ll get to the ferry terminal two minutes after the ferry leaves.

You pay the fare, you unload your luggage, buy your tickets and wait some more.

When the minute hand approaches the twelve once again, you load your luggage on the boat, cross Pillsbury Sound over to St. John arriving at the dock at Cruz Bay. Wait for your luggage, get it to the end of the dock, load up your luggage once again in another taxi, or some arranged vehicle and finally arrive at your destination. Unload the luggage for the sixth time that day and your here.


Believe me it’s worth it. But there is an alternative.

Slimo’s Limo

Here’s how this goes, for nearly the same price, mind you.

Off the plane, Slim Man himself or one of his friendly drivers meets you at the airport. Loads your luggage up while you sit in air-conditioned comfort sipping that cool drink that was waiting just for you. The driver takes you directly to Red Hook, no stops along the way unless you request it. (maybe you want to shop in St. Thomas or something)

Then it’s directly to Red Hook, onto the car ferry, cross the sound to St. John and right to your final destination. Easy, breezy sweet!

As they say here, “good t’ing!”

Slimo’s Limo
E-Mail: slimos.limo@yahoo.com
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Office: 340-714-SLIM (7546)

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