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St. John Adventure: Dolphins & Turtles

St. John Sea Creatures: Dolphins
Michelle & Dolphin
St. John Marine Life: Hawksbill Turtle
Hawksbill Turtle

It was a beautiful day for power boats. Hardly a breeze, calm seas and sunshine, except for this one big gray cloud that extended from horizon to horizon just to the north. So I got off the computer and got into the boat and headed up the south coast of St. John with my friend Michelle. Did a little snorkeling over at Tektite, where I was able to photograph a little hawksbill turtle down about 15 feet or so in the reef.

From Tektite we motored over to the north where found dolphins, dozens and dozens of dolphins. They were heading east toward the BVI. Some were traveling alone, some in pairs and some in threes. Sometimes they came right over to the boat and dove under the bow. Big, beautiful, graceful animals! What good luck to find them!

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St. John Monday Dolphins and Moon Jellys

Dolphins at Lind Point
Dolphins at Lind Point

Today Habiba, Jacob and I took a little trip over to Honeymoon Bay in our dinghy. Rounding Lind Point, we were thrilled to see four dolphins swimming right next to us. They were swimming in pairs, perhaps good friends or maybe lovers.

At Honeymoon we took a relaxing swim or “soak” as they say on St. John. I tried out my new camera mask. A snorkel mask with an incorporated digital camera. There was no auto or manual focus, however, so you had top depend on the fixed focal – length and hope for the best.

The photos below were taken with the snorkel mask camera as well as this moon jelly video.

Moon Jelly solomon honeymoon reef

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