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St. John Virgin Islands: Stuff

A Little Dusty
It’s a gray Saturday. The gray has more to do with African dust than clouds. A condition of summer nowadays. Not particularly bad today , but noticable.

I do not remember seeing this weather condition when I first arrived to the Virgin Islands in 1969. Although I believe there was a dust condition in 1973, a year I spent in Hawaii, the first time I noticed it was one summer in the early 1980s. Since then we have added volcanic ash from Montserrat in 1995 as well as dust from the cutting of dirt roads,  driveways and other excavations. These factors combined have made the Virgin Islands the dustiest place under the American flag. According to Professor Thomas A. Cahill of the University of California, “the Virgin Islands have more dust than the Grand Canyon, the Badlands, or Death Valley.”

Dolphin Market
The new Dolphin Market across from the Westin may open up this weekend according to it’s owners. Good T’ing! I’ll be looking forward to shopping there.

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