St. John Virgin Islands: Dolphin Discounts

Dolphin Market Discount Coupon
Dolphin Market Discount Coupon

The on again off again discounts at the Dolphin Market in Cruz Bay are – on again. Got it from the horse’s mouth.

I spoke with the store’s owner today and he says that he really wants people to keep coming to Dolphin even though the construction of the roundabout makes entries and exits to and from the makeshift parking areas an adventurous proposition – not for the faint of heart . Hoping to accomplish this goal he has reinstated the 10% discount for most items on purchases of more than $50. For the weekend discount of 20%, you’ll need to get a discount coupon, which many times you’ll have to ask for.

It’s a decent savings and the prices are already lower than the other markets so, in my opinion, it’s worth it extra hassle.

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