Trunk Bay Underwater Trail Revisited & TS Ophelia

Trunk Bay Underwater Trail: Barracuda
Trunk Bay Barracuda

Every once and a while I like to check out the Trunk Bay Underwater Trail. It’s not the most colorful reef close to the St. John shoreline, but it does have the advantage of being right off of beautiful Trunk Bay. Moreover, whenever I put on my mask fins and snorkel and dive into the clear blue waters of St. John, wherever it may be, I’m almost guaranteed to see something very cool and this time was no different.

First, there was that big old barracuda hoovering seemingly suspended from the one big healthy elkhorn coral on the reef. It even opened its mouth and showed me its big old sharp teeth.

Trunk Bay squid

Squid on the Trunk Bay Underwater Trail

Then there was the school of squid, one of which let me in close for some cool photos.

TS Ophelia Update
The somewhat unreliable five-day forecast shows Ophelia turning northwest and passing by well to the north of St. John. Ophelia is presently packing sustained winds of 60 mph with gusts of 70 mph. She is moving west at 16 mph and is predicted to be nearest the Virgin Islands sometime Sunday afternoon. The storm is not predicted to strengthen over the next five days.


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