St. John Virgin Islands Happenings

St. John Film Society Presents

“Proceed and Be Bold!”
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
7:30 pm at St John School of the Arts
Directed by Laura Zinger
90 minutes, 2008, Documentary

Proceed and Be Bold
Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. is an internationally recognized printing press artist known for his socially and politically charged works of art. At age 40 and unsatisfied with his comfortable, middle-class life, Amos traded in his computer for a printing press and his white collar for a pair of overalls. Armed with life, liberty, peanuts and a meager yearly income of $7,000, Amos cranked out a new, rebellious declaration of independence.

The film joins Amos in a fascinating account of his story, while examining the pretensions and provisions of the art world. The work of this self-proclaimed “Humble Negro Printer” raises emotionally-charged questions and reveals remarkable depth beneath the bold print. By learning the rules and then choosing to break them, Amos redefines what life (and letterpress printing) can be: exhilarating and revolutionary.


Laura Zinger is the founder and owner of Chicago-based, creative content production company 20K Films. Her 2008 initiative, Proceed and Be Bold has been screened in countries around the world. Zinger has worked for various film companies, including MGM, Pretty Pictures and MOJO, a post-production trailer house. In addition to 20K Films, Zinger works as the Web Video Producer for Milk For Thought, a new national website dedicated to connecting, empowering and supporting breastfeeding mothers.

Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. is a journeyman letterpress printer living in rural Alabama, and the thought provoking subject of the film Proceed and Be Bold! He will be present at the screening and will have his posters available for sale!

New Novel Takes Place On St. John

By Richie Ann Ashcraft

Monday, February 27, 2012
Tropical islands with sky blue water — a slave princess whose ghost is rumored to cause disappearances and shipwrecks — and only one person who knows the truth.
That’s the premise of Rebecca M. Hale’s latest mystery novel, “Adrift on St. John,” which releases in paperback and e book this week….


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  1. Hi Gerald.
    Wish I was going to be on island for this event. Would love to hear Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Zinger (cool name!) and see the posters.
    Thanks for the heads up on Ms. Hale’s book. I’m always looking for caribbean themed books and stories. Will definitely download this one.
    As always, take care and have a wonderful day.

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