St. John Virgin Islands: Earthquakes and Rainbows

Chocolate Hole St. John Virgin Islands Rainbow

The rain keeps coming.  Not normal July weather here on St. John. Looks like our weather system has developed into a tropical storm, TS Bonnie, heading into the Gulf of Mexico.

Yesterday was clear most of the day and I did get to see a cool rainbow late in the afternoon.

21st July 2010 –An earthquake measuring a magnitude of 4.48 on the Richter scale was felt throughout the Virgin Islands at approximately 8:00 pm July 21st 2010.  The report indicated that the epicenter was located in the Virgin Islands Platform near 18.55 latitude and -64.96 longitude … read more

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  1. What a beautiful rainbow! Thanks for capturing the last few days on St. John, for me. We’ve had downpours here, as well. M. 🙂

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