St. John USVI: St. John Market Revisited

I took another look at the new St. John Market last night and was kindly shown around the store by the owner. Although not complete, the store is very well stocked including large produce, frozen food and dairy sections.

The biggest thing yet to come will be a state of the art deli section that will include meats, fish and prepared items. It all looks good, the parking is there and the location is right. It should be a real winner.

15% for the month of May
15% for the month of May
30% May 30th and 31st
30% May 30th and 31st

I was told however that the discounts for locals that are generally available at Dolphin will not be valid for the new market. To me these discounts are very valuable. I have a 15% off card for May and a 30% off card for a special two day sale at the end of the month.

So for now the lower prices, plus the familiarity of my shopping experience will outweigh the novelty and convenience of the St. John Market and I’ll brave the construction activity and limited parking and shop at Dolphin.

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2 thoughts on “St. John USVI: St. John Market Revisited”

  1. Hello. I am visiting St. John with my family the first week of April 2010. We’ll be staying in a house in Rendevous Bay. Is your market now open? How far away from Rendevous Bay is it?
    We are curious as to whether we will be able to purchase food supplies at a local market and the New St. John market sounds like the place we can do that. I am also curious and a bit confused….is the new St. John Market and the Dolphin Market the same place??? Or is it two different markets?
    Would you let me know if you think this market will be a good choce for us for food supplies.

    Thank you.

  2. The St. John market is located right across from the Westin and will be the nearest market to your villa. There are also, in order of closeness, Pine Peace Market, Starfish Market and Dolphin Market. You may find that you’ll need to visit various markets to get all that you need.

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