St. John Life: Carval Rock Revisited

My friend Ed Gibney, just sent me some photos he took on Carval Rock. I had mentioned in a previous blog how the balanced rock on top of the cay was not as precariously balanced as it might seem at first glance. Seeing is believing and here’s the photos to illustrate how firmly planted the balanced rock is.

In another blog I expressed my disbelief about the popular legend that the rock was mistaken for a Spanish caravel by British sailors who shelled it over the course of a night. A “caravel” being a class of sailing ship often used by Spanish and Portuguese sailors in the 15th and 16th century.

A video by Captain Brandi in an blog presents  another, more plausible, explanation for the name is given to the cay. He says that Sir Francis Drake used the rock for target practice on his way to attack San Juan.

Ed and Radha approached the seemingly inaccessible cay in kayaks and climbed up on a low small ledge on the south side. Radha made it as far as the balanced rock on the west side, while Ed, a veritable mountain goat, climbed to the higher east side from where he took these remarkable photos.

Carval Rock as seen from afar
Carval Rock as seen from afar
Photo by Ed Gibney
Balanced Rock - Photo by Ed Gibney
Photo by Ed Gibney
Radha on Carval Rock - Photo by Ed Gibney
View from Summit of Carval Rock - Photo by Ed Gibney
View from the Summit of Carval Rock - Photo by Ed Gibney
Another View from the Summit of Carval Rock - Photo by Ed Gibney
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2 thoughts on “St. John Life: Carval Rock Revisited”

  1. What wonderful photos! I am sitting in here in cold and snow and its is a breath of fresh air so see these great images. I haven’t visited the islands before but your site makes me want to book a flight today. Great site! Denise

  2. Thanks Denise,
    Wait until you see yesterday’s photos. It was an exceptionally clear day and I went around to a few of the overlooks and shot photos. I’ll put them on the blog as soon as I get back … from the beach.

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