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Virgin Islands Tourist Arrivals Up, But Spending Down
…Tourist arrivals to the Caribbean actually increased in 2010, with 23.1 million more people choosing to stay “over-night” versus taking a cruise and spending a few hours at a port of call.

This has not, however, translated into a return to pre-2008 incremental spending by tourists.

The United States Virgin Islands (USVI) are a prime example of this.

Located close to fellow US territory, Puerto Rico, and one of the Leeward Islands, the USVI consists of three main islands. Saint Croix, St John and St Thomas, along with the much smaller Water Island and several other minor islands.

During the recent Caribbean Media Exchange (CMEx) conference in St Thomas, USVI Commissioner of Tourism Beverly Nicholson-Doty, said per visitor expenditure have decreased even as arrival numbers increased over the last year.

In addition, many of the people who do take a Caribbean vacation spend less time here than did prior to the global financial crisis. The drop in spending is likely due to the origin of USVI visitors and their new economic mind-set, with many now choosing to save rather than spend and others just not having the “extra” money to spend on souvenirs and special tours while on vacation… Read more

Extention of Maho Bay Camps Lease – Miami Herald
Maho Bay Camps on the island of St. John has received an extension of its lease through June of 2013, giving the eco-friendly resort at least two more winter seasons. Owner Stanley Selengut vows this will be the last short-term extension: “We will either get a long-term lease which will allow for some wonderful capital improvements and investment in new technologies or close at the end of the lease in June 2013”

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