Greetings From St. John, Virgin Islands, Saturday Morning, October 25

It’s another beautiful morning here on St. John in the beautiful Virgin Islands, even more appreciated than usual after what some St. Johnians have called “the lost week,” the rains, preparations and return to normal after Hurricane Omar.

The seas on the north have been rough the last few days, with large swells breaking over Johnson’s Reef and on the beaches of the north shore, a fairly rare condition for this time of the year. These waves, which St. John residents call ground seas, are generally a condition that occurs in the winter.

Wednesday at Trunk Bay, visitors were warned about the dangerous surf conditions and were encouraged to leave upsetting taxi drivers, who spend long hours on line at Trunk waiting for fares and who are generally just squeaking by during this particularly slow, slow season.

Cinnamon Bay, St. John USVI
Skim Boarding Cinnamon Bay

By yesterday afternoon, the waves were diminishing and at Cinnamon Bay skimboarders were taking advantage of the shore breaks to get some nice rides. The Cinnamon Bay Campground was nearly deserted and besides the skim boarders and us, there were only two other people on the beach.

Great Cruz Bay, St. John USVI
Great Cruz Bay Sunset

On the way home, Habiba, Jacob and I, took a short walk up to Peace Hill and later we were treated to a spectacular sunset, which we watched from the Great Cruz Bay Road.

Dan Silber Blog
My friend, Dan Silber, has started a new blog and his latest entry, which deals with his experiences on St. John in the 1970s may be of interest to some readers.

Danny writes,” I first came to St. John in 1972 for a 2 week visit and stayed for 5 years! A good friend of mine from college, Gerry Singer was living there with his family. He had a successful commercial fishing business and offered me and another friend Dave Isenberg a job as working partners.

We thought about it for about five seconds and said, “sure, why not?” … read more

In the News
On another note, today is the 25th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of the Caribbean nation of Greneda. Peter Espeut, a Roman Catholic deacon and yesterday, sociologist wrote an interesting article for the Jamaica Gleaner concerning that historical event. Click here to read the article

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