Frank Bay Sunset

Frank Bay Sunset

I took a swim at Trunk Bay this afternoon, which, by the way is a delightful experience especially late in the day, when there’s hardly anyone around. There was a wedding happening when I arrived at the beach. Two musicians were performing for the wedding party. I took a long swim and then changed my clothes. (For those of you who like the Trunk Bay afternoon experience, but like me would rather not drive back all sandy, remember that the showers are turned off somewhere around 3:30. With no running water to wash off with, you might want to bring a bottle of fresh water as an alternative.)

I had a nice conversation about Reggae music with taxi driver and music promoter and old friend, Spencer, who I met on the way to the parking lot, after which I headed home.

The sun was going down and it promised to be a beautiful sunset. I kept looking for an appropriate spot to get a clear photo, but it wasn’t until I reached Frank Bay that a real opportunity presented itself.

I braved an attack of sand flies that seem to enjoy the beach in the late afternoon and notwithstanding, caught a few good shots.

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