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Watching one of the last of the undeveloped sandy southwestern beaches go the way of the big money seems to have drawn me there lately; getting there while the getting is good, so to speak. Made me think of the archived photos I have of those pre-development days. when a rugged trail lead to the point and the eastern and western beaches.

Ditleff Point St. John Virgin Islands

Ditleff Point

This photo was on the cover of old editions of St. John Off the Beaten Track. To get here walk south along the coast from Ditleff beach.

Ditleff Point St. John Virgin Islands

Tide Pool

Ditleff Point St. John Virgin Ilsands

"the times they are a changing"

Native fishermen used to use Ditleff Beach for picking whelk, diving conch and inshore fishing. Before that the Tainos had established a settlement there.

Ditleff Beach St. John USVI

Ditleff Beach Western Side

Ditleff Beach is a sand and coral rubble beach. Even if land access is closed the beach remains public and can be accessed by boat or by swimming or snorkeling from Klein Bay.

Ditleff Point Fish Bay side

Beach Fish Bay Side

Ditleff point St. John USVI

Rubble beach on the Fish Bay side.

Ditleff Point St. John Virgin Islands

View of the beach from the old trail

The previous owners, Dow Chemical heirs, I’m told, wanted to keep the Point as it was save for bulldozing a dirt track over the old narrow trail. When they passed the new owners decided to develop.

Ditleff point overview


The Point as seen from the Fish Bay Road before development.

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3 Responses to “Ditleff Point: Photos from the Archives”
  1. Great shots, i recognize several of these Pics from your books!

  2. Andy Dennie says:

    I still have a copy of your book with the Ditleff Point photo on the cover, from my first visit to St. John about a decade ago. I returned this past spring and stayed at a villa overlooking Ditleff Point, and I tried to hike out to it, but I was rebuffed by a guy at the gate near the road. Too bad.

  3. Charlie Huggett says:

    I’m in North-east Wisconsin….10″ of snow and the storm is still coming. It is great to see your photos. It’s been 8 months since we were on St. John. Thanks for what you do.


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