Cinnamon Bay Waterfall

Cinnamon Bay Waterfall
Cinnamon Bay Waterfall

A St. John Waterfall
July is said to be one of the driest month on St. John, but not this year.

There has been so much rain this week that the there was a beautiful waterfall which could be easily seen right where the gut crosses the North Shore Road just east of Cinnamon Bay. Check out the video below.

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  1. I used a Canon 7D. The high res version was really cool, but it was too big a file to download. For some reason even though Facebook and you tube say they’ll accept files of 1000 MB I always get stopped at 50. Great camera – I love it!

  2. very nice ….. just found this … any updates?….ps how r u ? would like to hear from u! R U allowed 2 talk 2 x”s?

  3. It’s right past (east) of Cinnamon Bay on the North Shore Road, but the waterfall only happens after a big rain.

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