Jost Van Dyke: Photos from the Archives

Jost Van Dyke seen from St. John
Jost Van Dyke Seen From The Trunk Bay Overlook on St. John

Albert Chinnery
Albert Chinnery Cistoms Man on JVD 1972

Jost Van Dyke Customs 1972
Customs House 1972

Prince Chinnery
Prince Chinnery, Government Agent on Jost Van Dyke 1937

Little Girl, Jost Van Dyke 1995
Little Girl: Jost van Dyke 1995

Ethien Chinnery
Ethien Chinnery Culture Bearer

Gerald Chinnery
Gerald Chinnery


Kendrick Chinnery and Governor Schnieder
Kendrick Chinnery bartending at the Soggy Dollar Bar with former USVI Governor Roy Schneider 1995

Greg Callwood
Greg Callwood
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