St. John Trails: Bordeaux Mountain Trail

Overlook on the Bordeaux Mountain Trail
Newly Cleared Overlook

Map of Bordeaux Mountain TrailYesterday it was off to Bordeaux Mountain and the Bordeaux Mountain Trail to photograph the newly cleared overlook that Jeff Cabot and the volunteers had recently finished.

I hiked down the trail to Lameshur Bay and back up the way I came. The elevation at the top end of the trail is more than 1000 feet. The trail being only one mile long with an additional 0.2 mile track down from the ranger’s house to the bay, is obviously steep, to put it mildly.

St. John Trails: Bordeaux Mountain Trail

Going down was easy. I found the trail to be well maintained and in exceptionally good condition. Although most of the trail runs straight down the montainside, with a potential for quick and severe erosion with every rain, the trail crews have mitigated this hazard by creating numerous swales across the trail sending rain water off to the sides and into the bush rather than allowing it to run down the trail.

On the upper elevations, the Bordeaux Mountain Trail runs through a shady forest. As the trail descends the environment changes to dry forest and then scrub with way less shade.

As I said going down was easy, birds singing, beautiful trees and tropical flora and outstanding dramatic views. Going up was another story. Let me just say, pace yourself and bring plenty of water.  To borrow the publisher of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee’s, catch phrase, “‘Nuff Said!”

Flora Along the Trail

St. John Trails: Bordeaux Mountain Trail
Bordeaux Mountain Trail, St. John Virgin Islands

Bordeaux Mountain Trail Flora
Flora on the Bordeaux Mountain Trail: Anthuriums, bromiliads and cactus

False pineapple
Pinguin also known as False Pinapple, beginning to flower

As you descend the trail more views open up, but they are not nearly as spectacular as the one that the volunteers cleared. It is one mile from the trail head to the intersection of the trail and the road to the ranger’s residence. Lameshur Bay lies about a quarter mile further on down the hill, where there are some nicely cleared ruins and the entrance to the Lameshur Bay Trail.

Bordeaux Mountain Trail

View of Valley from Bordeaux Mountain Trail
View of the Valley from Overlook

View of Lameshur from Lower Section of the Trail

Wiew through window, Lameshur Bay St. John
View of Lameshur Bay from Ruin
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