St. John Film Society: Free Movie Tonight at the St. John Marketplace

!!! Free Movie Tonight !!!
Marketplace Third Floor
Cruz Bay, St John

St John Film Society Presents:

The remarkable Fez Festival of World Sacred Music in Morocco

SOUND OF THE SOUL by Stephen Olsson (70 min) 2005

“Imagine the feeling of arriving in North Africa without ever stepping on a plane.”

This striking documentary is set in Fez, the ancient Moroccan city known for its tolerance of all inhabitants, whether Muslim, Christian or Jew. The film highlights the historic city itself, as well as the annual music festival staged there. Musicians travel from around the world to perform in Fez. A chorus of African Berber women, players and vocalists from Afghanistan, England, France, Portugal, Russia, Ireland, Mauritania, Turkey and a gospel band from Harlem intermingle with a group of amazing Sufi whirling dervishes.

“In a world increasingly polarized by religious conflicts and fundamentalist forces, Sound of the Soul reverberates with unity, understanding, and most of all, hope.”

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