St. John USVI: Dolphin Discounts

Between the desirability of their new store, St. John Gourmet,  and the confusion caused by the construction of the traffic circle, the owners of Dolphin Market, who also own St. John Gourmet, are aggressively attempting to attract customers, and especially new customers, to Dolphin.

As an incentive to shop at Dolphin, the 10% discount normally reserved for customers spending more than $50.00 will now be available for those spending $25.00 or more.

Additionally there will be a 25% discount on weekends. Their prices are reasonable and with the discount, it really becomes a good deal, in some cases good enough to shop St. John instead of making the trip over to the Rock.

(St. Thomas is affectionately known as “The Rock.” Not so affectionately known as “St. Trauma” by some irreverent St. Johnians. St. John is called “Love City” and St. Croix, “Twin Cities.”)

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