St. John Virgin Islands: Photo of the Day

Windberg Ruins

Windberg Ruins
The Windberg ruins seen above are visible right off the one way road running from southwest from Mary’s Creek to Maho Bay.

The photo was actually taken yesterday and I had to brave an army of mosquitoes to get it. They followed me back into my vehicle and it was a job to get them out.

Tomorrow the plan is an outing to Maho Bay Beach. I hope the little buggers have calmed down by then or I’ll have to resort to chemical warfare.

To the people circulating the e-mail about the use of Listerine to ward off mosquitoes (you know who you are)
It doesn’t work

The Gym in Paradise
Word has it that the gym will be opening again on May 25 and that they (sadly) will not be honoring memberships  sold by the previous owner.

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