St. John US Virgin Islands: Thoughts, Rumors & Other Stuff

Here’s some stuff from yesterday’s experiences on St. John. Biggest thing was the rain. All day – a gutwashing downpour. Anywhere there was runoff of guts or hills the water passed through in torrents and collected anywhere it could. The South Shore Road had to be closed for a while at Guinea Gut, just west of the Westin Resort. Most of the bays are brown with runoff from the land, some natural, some man made. The rain let up by the afternoon and we had a few passing squalls during the night.

Now, (6:00 AM) the skies are clear in the east with some sunshine, but according to the weather bureau, we could be getting some more heavy stuff later on. Weather Underground has us under the advisory… “Flash Flood Watch in effect from noon AST today through this evening…” (They write that stuff in red to get your attention)

Last night on a trip to Dolphin Market, I noticed that the roads were hopping with frogs. You don’t usually see the creatures although you do hear them well enough at night, but last night I guess they were forced out of where they normally hang out and were jumping about all over the place, big Cuban frogs and little ones too.

Speaking of Dolphin Market, they’re giving a 15% off sale (have to purchase more than $50) during the month of May. It’s a good store, with plenty of organic choices, nice produce department and better prices, by and large, than Starfish.

Some rumors for you:

The Gym in Paradise is supposed to open soon – today maybe? Who knows?

Colombian Emeralds, by the dock at Cruz Bay is due to close down at the end of the month.

The Sirenusa project was taken over by another outfit leading to the possibility that they may actually finish up.


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