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Caneel Hill Viewing Tower

Caneel Hill Viewing TowerAfter the strenuous uphill trek to the Caneel Hill Summit you will be rewarded with a spectacular view and refreshing breezes.

View From Caneel Hill Tower
View to the East

St. John Live Music Schedule
Wednesday 2/10

Beach Bar

Little Bird 9:00 (340) 777-4220

Coconut Coast

Rich Greengold and Katha Ricciardi 5:30 – 7: 00 (340) 776-6944

Cruz Bay Landing

Wayne 6:00-9:00 (340) 776-6908

Ocean Grill

David Laabs (340) 693-3304

Skinny Legs

Get Right Band 6:00-9:00 (340) 779-4982

Virgin Fire

Miss Ingrid & Bo 6:00 – 9:00 (340) 777-3473

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Yard and Bake Sale Success for Donkey Lady Dana

Caneel Hill Trail
Looking west from the Caneel Hill Observation tower at Sunset

By Dana Bartlett, owner of the Carolina Corral

We had an amazing turnout for our first ever yard sale!  Pam Holmes, author of our recent Donkey Updates published in the local media, and her boyfriend, Craig, had generously offered the furnishings from a ‘cottage’ they were going to tear down on their property.  Since I was moving closer to the corral, I asked if we could do a yard sale with the items, instead.  They said “yes”, never having done one themselves.  Neither have I ever taken the time to have a sale, although I came up with a good bit to sell.  With the advice of yard sale pro, Angela Ebner, we were able to raise over $2300 in sales and a total of over $3000 with generous monetary donations in one day!  Many, MANY thanks to all who helped make it happen and came out in support of St. John’s one and only “Donkey Lady”.

To Pam and Craig, of course, for their continued support!

Beverly Melius for allowing use of the whole parking area of Pickles in Paradise.

Isabelle Turner for baking up some special treats and being the yard and bake sale cashier.
Genieve Paris for baking up some goodies, contributing items to sell and helping with the bake sale.

Alisa Gessner being present all day and bringing her students to help out.

Teri Wine for first promoting me on Facebook, helping to get set up and purchasing yard sale items.

Bonnie Corbel for making our signs, helping to set up tables and organize as well as being a customer.
Diane Bauder and her daughter Elizabeth for helping at the corral to feed the horses and then at the yard sale, (As well as  making sure I had something to eat!).
Liz of Queen of Tarts for the delicious coffee cake.

Baked in the Sun for the plentiful sugar cookies
Mark Harvath of Poncho Pickle for the flavorful corn bread and purchasing yard sale items.
Erin Pryor of Triple B for the wonderful cheesecake.

Karen Samuel for the healthy oatmeal/raisin cookies.

Linda Reidelbach and Jamie for the fantastic bake sale items, including cupcakes in ice cream cones.

Oriel Smith for transporting the trailer to and from the yard sale as well as his passion for the donkeys.
Nancy Stromp and Jason for their generous donations including a mattress plus past support from the Baggy Wrinkles Yoga Club.
Jane and Larry Brown for a large truck load of donations.

Jamie Johnson for two car loads of donations plus her generous monetary donations.

Ron and Sue Yackle for numerous items.

Lauren Jones Magnie for numerous items.

Carey Mercurio and Tom for a rattan sofa and numerous other items.

Sharon Coldren for a ureka palm plant.
Candace Greathouse for the imaginative paintings.
Joanna Wheatly for the glassware and plates she procured for me from St. Thomas/St. John Bargain and Sale page.

Gail Van de Bogurt for the mug as well as  being a great advocate for the corral.

Coral Bay Community Council for all the clothes.

Caneel Bay for the linens.
Gallows Bay for the sheets and towels.

Jean Ance for helping set up this event on Facebook as well as advertising on her website.

Calvary Baptist church in Coral Bay for lending us the tables.

Special thanks to Karen Bruder and Margery Jones for their generous donations.

Angela Ebner for giving us great yard sale tips.


Once again, the Coral Bay community showed it’s outpouring support.  Thanks to the continued donations throughout the day. I think we actually ended the yard sale with more items than we started with!  Craig packed the trailer with barely an inch to spare.  Which means once I am settled in the new space, we will be planning on having another sale!   Stay tuned!

Please note, if you’re interested in helping the animals and their caretaker, you can still contribute via PayPal through

Thank you everyone!

Dana Bartlett

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St. John Flora: Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica)

While pulling out some weeds on my ground, I noticed a stingy itchy sensation, which I quickly attributed to a lowlying plant that I thought was some kind of vine. It was, in fact, stinging nettle. Over to the digital microscope it went and here’s what I saw:

Notice the needle-like fibers. They act like hypodermic needles injecting histamine into the skin, which itches and burns. It effects some worse than others.

Treatments include ointments containing antihistamine and hydro-cortisone as well as a host of natural remedies. Me, I just left it alone and it soon stopped hurting.

Stinging nettle has been used for food, teas, medicines and fiber.

In World War I, a shortage of cotton led to German uniforms being made of stinging nettle fiber – no wonder they lost the war!

Want to know more about stinging nettle; you know what to do – Google it!

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St. John Dust Comparison

Sahara Dust and Road Dust

Sahara Dust
The Virgin Islands are in the path of streams of airborne dust sent aloft by storms over the Sahara Dessert, which are carried over the Atlantic by the westerly trade winds. This dust accounts for most of the haze often seen especially during the summer months.

One side of my house faces east towards the Caribbean and as a result, I have been able to collect some of the dust that accumulated on that side of the house that presumably originated in African deserts.

Road Dust
The many unpaved roads on St. John also produce their share of dust. As westward side of my house lies exposed to an unpaved road the dust that I collected there presumable came from vehicles passing over the dirt road.

In the magnified photos of the two samples of dust you can see the difference between the sandy Sahara dust and the sticky fibrous road dust.

Sahara Dust
dust sample from the east (Sahara dust)
road dust
dust sample from the west (road dust)

In a report by researchers from the University of California, Davis, Thomas A. Cahill called the Virgin Islands the dustiest place in the United States and stated, “the Virgin Islands have more dust than the Grand Canyon, the Badlands, or Death Valley.”

St. John Happenings

Sol Driven Train will be performing at the Inn at Tamarind Court at 5:30 this evening

Inn at…

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