Scattered across its beaches and lush hillsides, villas are a very popular choice for vacationing on St. John. A perfect fit for those looking for a private “home” experience, villas in St. John capture the peaceful atmosphere and unpretentious luxury of this island. It’s a big part of why guests are drawn back to St. John villas year after year.

Villas of all sizes and prices are available. Villa agencies as well as private villa owners are happy to help determine what suits you
in no time.

St. John Villa Agencies

Browse Private St. John Villas

St John Villas
The Villa Experience


Guesthouses, Small Inns, Suites and Bed & Breakfasts

St. John B&B’s, Guesthouses and Small Inns provide a more intimate alternative to large full service hotels and resorts

Inns, Bed & Breakfasts and Suites

St. John Inns
Guesthouses & Bed and Breakfasts


Apartments & Condos

Being able to stay in comfort and style with your own living space, while having the amenities of various services right on sight, can turn a vacation into a true getaway.
A condo can be the perfect way to go, with offerings for studios
or multiple-bedrooms

St John Vacation
Apartments & Condos

St. John Apartments and Condos
Privacy with Convenience



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