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St. John Off The Beaten Track

New 2017 Edition!

St. John Off The Beaten Track coverSt. John Off the Beaten Track, is a guide to St. John’s beaches, places to see, hiking trails and best snorkeling spots, plus history, culture, folktales and more…read more

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St. John Beach Guide

New 2017 Edition!

St. John Beach GuideSt. John Beach Guide is a both a guide and coffee table book offering a complete guide to everything you’ll want to know about the most beautiful beaches in the world, the beaches of the St. John, Virgin Island National Park…read more

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The Last Trail Bandit Guide to the Hiking Trails of St. John, USVI

Trail Bandit Map
Trail Bandit Map

If you intend to do any hiking on St. John, you really want to have a copy of this map. It includes all the trails GPS coordinates and descriptions. A masterpiece of a map from a modern day map maker!

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“Vieques, A Photographically Illustrated Guide to the Island, Its History and Culture” serves both as a coffee table book and guide to the beaches, towns and places to visit on the island including, of course, the not-to-missed Bioluminescent Bay…

“graphic, mysterious and beautiful”
Roberto Rabin, curator of the Vieques Museum, Conde de Mirasol


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A Vieques Classic by Pedro Juan Soto…still we must single out one novel, without which no outsider
can ever hope to have an inkling as to what makes Vieques
tick, USMAÍL… Vieques Times

USMAILClick here for more information

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St. John Feet, Fins and Four-Wheel Drive

A Complete Travel Guide to the Islands Trails, Beaches and Roads by
Pam Gaffin

St. John Feet Fins and Four Wheel DriveClick here for more information

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Tales of St. John & the Caribbean

Tales of St. John and the Caribbean

Kindle Version Available on

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