St. Thomas Arrival and Getting to St. John

Getting to St. John

St John Transportation

Getting to St. John

For those of you that don’t own private seaplanes or helicopters
or are not excellent swimmers, the only way to get to St. John,
Virgin Islands is by boat. The typical visitor arrives in St.
Thomas at the Cyril King Airport, takes a taxi to Red Hook and
then takes a ferry to Cruz Bay. There is also ferry service between
St. John and downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas as well as
service to Tortola, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda in the British
Virgin Islands and car ferry (barge) service between Cruz Bay
and Red Hook.

By Airplane

If you, like most of St. John’s visitors you have
arrived at St. Thomas’ Cyril E. King Airport, you will leave the
confines of the aircraft, take your first breath of the warm,
aromatic, tropical, ocean air peculiar to the Caribbean and
step down to the tarmac. You’ve
arrived in the Virgin Islands! But you still haven’t reached
your destination, the crown jewel of the archipelago, the island
of St. John.

Next, you’ll walk to the terminal building and get your
bags if you have more than carry on luggage. Then, on to St.
John …

Taxi to the Red Hook

Most visitors will be taking a taxi to carry them from the airport
to Red Hook on the east end of St. Thomas, where a ferry leaves
for St. John; a 20-minute ferry ride across the scenic Pillsbury
Sound, which separates the islands of St. Thomas and St. John.
There’ll be taxis waiting for you and a dispatcher available,
who will lead you to the right taxi. The drill here is you’ll need to wait until the taxi van is full before they’ll leave the airport. This shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. When the taxi is full, you’ll head out for Red Hook. The taxi may make stops on the way to discharge passengers with other destinations. Have patience.

Express Lane (Private Taxi)

If you lack patience and/or have a lot of money you can avoid
waiting for other passengers and travel direct nonstop to Red
Hook by taking the Express Line, which, of course, is more expensive.

Taxi to Charlotte Amalie

An alternative to the Red Hook to Cruz Bay Ferry is the ferry
that leaves from downtown Charlotte Amalie to Cruz Bay, St.
John. The downtown ferry ride takes about 40 minutes and runs
east along the south coast of St. Thomas and then across Pillsbury
Sound to Cruz Bay on St. John. Because this ferry
leaves every two hours instead of the on-the-hour, Red Hook
Ferry, you want to make sure that your timing is right on so
you don’t miss it.

Taxi to Red Hook
$15 for one passenger
$11.00 each for two or more passengers
$2.00 each for regular baggage
$4.00 each for large baggage (greater than 20″ x 30″)
Express Lane- $90 for from 1-4 passengers (Add $15 for each additional passenger)
Taxi to Charlotte Amalie
$7 for one passenger
$6.00 each for two or more passengers
$2.00 each for regular baggage
$4.00 each for large baggage (greater than 20″ x 30″)
Express Lane – $55 for from 1-4 passengers (Add $7 for each additional passenger)

East End Taxi (340) 775 6974
VI Taxi association (340) 774 7457
Virgin Islands Taxi Commission (340) 3130

Renting a Vehicle

It is possible to rent a vehicle on St. Thomas and drive to Red Hook,
where there are scheduled car ferries (barges) leaving for Cruz
Bay, St. John. for barge schedules and pricing.

Parking at Red Hook Marine Terminal

Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA) Urman Victor Fredericks
Marine Terminal
Open 6:30 AM – 12:00 Midnight Seven Days/ Week
$10.00 lost ticket

Barge (Car Ferry)

St John Transportation Barge (Car Ferry) Red Hook, St. Thomas - Cruz Bay St. John

About the Barges

There are two independent barge companies with service between Cruz Bay, St. John and Red Hook, St. Thomas,:

Love City Car Ferries and Global Marine, Inc.

Barge fees are for vehicles only – passengers ride free. It’s a good idea to arrive about a half hour earlier than the scheduled
departure to increase your chances of getting on your desired barge.

The Captain Vic, operated by the Love City Car Ferries Barge
Company is named after the late Captain Victor Sewer, a well-respected, prominent St. Johnian, renowned as a man of the sea. The CEO is his grandson, Lewelen “Little Lew” Sewer. Little Lew’s father, Big Lew, was, among other things, the disk jockey that coined the name for St. John, “Love City.”

commemoration of Loredon Boynes

St John/St. Thomas Barge Schedules and Prices

Car ferries run between Red Hook on St. Thomas and Enighed Pond on St. John.

Drivers and passengers ride with the vehicle. Arrive at least 25 minutes before departure.

Love City Car Ferries

(340) 779-4000


From Enighed Pond, St. John

*6:15 AM

8:00 AM


12 Noon

2:00 PM

4:00 PM

From Red Hook, St. Thomas

*7:00 AM

9:00 AM

11:00 AM

1:00 PM

3:00 PM

5:00 PM

*Not on Weekends & Holidays


Car or small truck one way – $35.00

Car or small truck round trip – $50.00

Specials and Discounts

Global Marine

Red Hook → Enighed Pond

6:15 am

8:00 am

10:00 am


2:00 pm

4:00 pm

6:00 pm

Enighed Pond → Red Hook

5:30 am

7:00 am

9:00 am

11:00 am

1:00 pm

3:00 pm

5:00 pm




Car or small truck one way – $30.00
Car or small truck round trip – $50.00

Port Authority

Port Authority charges a Port Fee of $3 for cars, small and medium SUVs and motorcycles. Pick-up trucks, vans and large SUVs pay $4. The fee is collected at the Red Hook Ferry Dock on St. Thomas.


St. John/St. Thomas Ferry Schedules

Cruz Bay to Red Hook

Ferries leave Cruz Bay for Red Hook every hour on the hour from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

Red Hook to Cruz Bay

Ferries leave Red Hook for Cruz Bay at 5:30 (Weekdays only), 6:30 and 7:30 AM and then every hour on the hour until 10:00

Transportation Services – (340) 776-6282
Varlack Ventures  (340) 776-6412

Cruz Bay/Red Hook Ferry Rates

One Way Resident: $6.00 – Round Trip Resident $12.00

One Way Non-Resident: $8.15 – Round Trip Non-Resident $16.30

One Way Child $1.00 – Round Trip Child $2.00

One Way Senior* $1.50 – Round Trip Senior $3.00
* Residents only – Must have Virgin Islands Senior Citizen Card

Baggage $4.00/bag

Cruz Bay to Charlotte Amalie

(Temporarily out of Service)

8:45 am, 11:15 am and 3:45 pm

Charlotte Amalie to Cruz Bay

10:00 am, 1:00 pm and 5:30 pm

Cruz Bay/Charlotte Amalie Ferry Rates

One Way Resident – $12.00 – Round Trip Resident $24.00

One Way Non-Resident – $13.00 – Round Trip Non-Resident $26.00

One Way Child $3.50 – Round Trip Child $7.00

One Way Senior* $6.00 – Round Trip Senior $12.00
* Residents only – Must have Virgin Islands Senior Citizen Card

Baggage $4.00/bag


Standard Taxi Rates for St. John

NOTE: Taxi rates are subject to change. For an updated, on the spot confirmation, call the Taxi Commission at (340) 693-4211

Cruz Bay To/From: 1 Person 2+ / Each
Adrian Housing 7.00 6.00
Annaberg 13.00 9.00
Bethany Moravian Church 6.00 5.00
Bordeaux Mountain 17.00 11.00
Beth Cruz 6.00 5.00
Caneel Bay Plantation 6.00 5.00
Catherineburg 9.00 7.00
Chateau de Bordeaux 9.00 8.00
Chocolate Hole 7.00 6.00
Cinnamon Bay 9.00 7.00
Contant 6.00 5.00
Coral Bay 16.00 9.00
Dennis Bay 8.00 6.00
Desoto Bock House (East End) 25.00 15.00
Fish Bay 13.00 8.00
Francis Bay 13.00 9.00
Frank Bay 5.00 4.00
Gallows Point 5.00 4.00
Gill Hill 8.00 6.00
Maho Bay Beach 11.00 7.00
Golf Course 7.00 5.00
Great Cruz Bay 6.00 5.00
Grunwald 6.00 5.00
Hawksnest 6.00 5.00
Hurricane Hole 19.00 13.00
John’s Head 9.00 7.00
Jumbie Beach 8.00 6.00
Lameshur 25.00 15.00
Leinster Bay 13.00 9.00
Maho Bay Campground 13.00 9.00
Mandahl 20.00 14.00
Pine Peace 5.00 4.00
Rendezous Bay (Cline Bay) 8.00 6.00
Reef Bay Trail 9.00 7.00
Salt Pond 20.00 14.00
Sunset Ridge 8.00 6.00
Susannaberg 8.00 6.00
Trunk Bay 8.00 6.00
Vie’s (East End) 25.00 15.00
Westin 6.00 5.00
Zootenvaal 18.00 12.00
Coral Bay To/From: 1 Person 2+ / Each
Adrian Housing 9.00 7.00
Annaberg 8.00 6.00
Blomingdale 6.00 5.00
Calabash Boom 6.00 5.00
Caneel Bay (via Northshore) 13.00 9.00
Cinnamon Bay 9.00 6.00
Desoto Bock House (East End) 9.00 6.00
Hurricane Hole 7.00 5.00
John’s Folly School 6.00 5.00
Lamishur 9.00 6.00
Little Maho Bay 9.00 6.00
Mandahl 7.00 5.00
Salt Pond 7.00 6.00
Public Works 10.00 7.00
Susannaberg 10.00 7.00
Trunk Bay (via Centerline) 19.00 13.00
Trunk Bay (via North Shore) 9:00 6.00
Vie’s (East End) 8.00 7.00
Zootenvaal 6.00 5.00
Gallows Point To/From: 1 Person 2+ / Each
Annaberg 13.00 9.00
Caneel Bay 7.00 5.00
Cinnamon Bay 10.00 7.00
Maho Bay Beach 11.00 8.00
Golf Course 7.00 5.00
Hawksnest 7.00 5.00
Maho Bay Campground 13.00 9.00
Trunk Bay 8.00 6.00
Caneel Bay To/From: 1 Person 2+ / Each
Chateau Bordeaux 12.00 10.00
Cinnamon Bay 8.00 6.00
Coral Bay (Via Centerline) 18.00 10.00
Gallows Point 7.00 5.00
Maho Bay Beach 10.00 7.00
Golf Course 8.00 6.00
Maho Bay Campground 12.00 8.00
Trunk Bay 7:00 5.00
Westin 8.00 6.00
Westin Resort To/From: 1 Person 2+ / Each
Annaberg 15.00 11.00
Asolare 7.00 5.00
Chateau Bordeaux 12.00 10.00
Cinnamon Bay 11.00 9.00
Coral Bay 15.00 11.00
Dennis Bay 10.00 8.00
East End 27.00 18.00
Maho Bay Beach 12.00 9.00
Golf Course 7.00 5.00
Hawknest 8.00 7.00
Maho Bay Campground 15.00 11.00
Salt Pond 27.00 18.00
Susannaberg Clinic 10.00 8.00
Trunk Bay 10.00 8.00
Chateau Bordeaux To/From: 1 Person 2+ / Each
Trunk Bay 8.00 7.00
Cinnamon Bay 7.00 6.00

Water Taxis

Water Taxi Services

Going out for a late night, catching an early flight, or navigating to where you want to go, the world is your oyster with a water taxi. Reliable and fun, water taxi services are available 24 hours a day; just call and set up your ride.

Water Taxis on St. John

St. John Car and Scooter Rentals

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